Avalon Compas

The Compas is physically bigger and substantially heavier than the Indra II weighing in at 72kg each, although please don’t think of these as just a bigger version of an Indra II.

The Compas has additional cabinet deadening and crossover redesign to ensure that its performance is fast, clean and hugely dynamic and will excel at playing back all types of music. It is still an Avalon design through and through, it doesn’t take much of a listen to realise that, the huge holographic soundstage is as captivating to listen to as ever!

They are perfectly phase coherent and as a result the rhythm and timing of the Compas is absolute world class.

The two 9 inch bass drivers mean the Compas can deliver scale, proper bass which is dynamic and fast and extends to a satisfyingly low level; the cabinet has become a little narrower (compared to the ougoing Eidolon) so dispersion is improved and there is less in-room reflection, because of this they are a little easier to set-up in a room as well.

Priced at £40700 a pair (in standard finishes), the Compas is available with a Diamond tweeter for £49500 (in standard finishes). Please note, this isn’t just the case of Avalon swapping the tweeter, extensive crossover modification is carried out to the Diamond version of this speaker so it remains balanced and sounding just right.

Driver Compliment: 1” Concave Ceramic neodymium tweeter
4” Concave Ceramic Midrange
9” Ceramic/Honeycomb Woofers
Sensitivity: 91dB @ rated impedance
Impedance: 4 ohms nominal
Frequency Response: 27Hz to 24kHz
Amplifier Power: 30 to 750 Watts
Dimensions: 45” (114cm) H 11” (28cm) W 17” (43cm) D
Weight: 160 pounds (72kg) each