Avalon Indra II

The Indra II is the first 3 way model in the Avalon range. They are a similar height and weight to the Transcendent but they are a little deeper front to back.

After careful set up and installation into a room they simply disappear from sonic view, one of the few speakers that genuinely makes itself invisible when you listen to it.

The Indra II delivers massive weight and scale and does everything just at the right time, the sense of scale from a cabinet of this size is nothing short of phenomenal, the speakers play whatever you throw at it with huge amounts of confidence and gusto. That big holographic soundstage for which the Avalon has always been renowned is bigger here again, delivering huge amounts of musical energy, not excessive energy though, the superbly hand-crafted cabinets of the Indra see to that!

Like the Transcendent before it you don’t need a ridiculous amount of power to drive the Indra IIs, a healthy 100 watts will be do the job very well, of course, the bigger and better the amplifier you drive the Indra IIs with the better the end results will be. They are devilishly revealing, if anything is not quite right with your set up the Indra IIs will highlight it, but at the same time, whatever it is you enjoy about your system the Indra II’s will reward you handsomely.

The Avalon Indra II – A speaker for life!

Priced at £35000 with a ceramic tweeter, the Indra II is available with a Diamond tweeter for £39600. Please note, this isn’t just the case of Avalon swapping the tweeter. Extensive crossover modification is carried out to the Diamond version of this speaker so it remains balanced and sounding just right. Both of these prices are in standard finishes.

Driver Compliment: 1” Concave Ceramic Neodymium Tweeter
3.5” Concave Ceramic Dome Midrange
(2) 7” Nomex-Kevlar Composite Cone woofers
Sensitivity: 88dB @ rated impedance
Impedance: 4 ohms nominal
Frequency Response: 28Hz to 25kHz
Amplifier Power: 50 to 200 Watts
Dimensions: 41”(104cm) H x 10”(26cm) W x 16”(41cm) D
Weight: 112 pounds (50.8 kg) each