Custom Design Milan Reference 10

The Milan Reference 10 is probably the most popular equipment stand from Custom Design and for good reason, it looks fantastic and with the various finishes available it can blend in to almost any room. Sonically it works really well and is tonally balanced, it’s relatively natural in presentation terms.

The wooden side cheeks are available in white, natural, oak, cherry, black and mahogany. Walnut is available as well, with a 7% premium.

Glass is 10mm as standard and is available in clear and black. Black glass acts a natural cable tidy as you can’t see through the glass and is very popular for this reason, it looks superb as well!

The Milan range is modular so you simply specifiy the right number of shelves for your requirements, you can easily add another shelf later should you need to.

External Width and Depth is 570 mm x 400 mm

Height obviously varies depending on the number of shelves required, 3 shelves is 440mm for example

Standard shelf height is 150mm, although 200mm is available at a cost of an additional £40 per shelf, 250mm and 300mm spacing are available at a cost of an additional £100 per shelf

Internal width is 480mm.

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