Entreq Olympus Tellus Ground Box

Entreq Olympus Tellus

The current flagship and the pinnacle of what is possible with grounding your system.

The Olympus Tellus has 6 outlets on silver binding posts and 1 isolated copper binding post which can be used to make a direct connection to protective ground, this dedicated terminal uses a specific cable (included with the Olympus Tellus) and simply connects to a spare wall mains outlet, the cable has an earth pin which grounds your mains to the Olympus Tellus.

I must stress this does NOT replace protective ground.

By making this connection recordings you know really well will have new details jumping out you’ve never heard before. It’s an incredibly effective thing to do and will benefit any system. There is a more detail on this the main ground box page.

The sonic signature of the Olympus Tellus is the same as the Olympus Ten, Olympus Minimus and Poseidon, it just carries more capacity for bigger systems, priced at £6600.00

Replace the standard wooden binding posts on the back of a Olympus Tellus with either an Everest or K2 binding post and you will dramatically improve its performance, increasing the capacity.

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