Entreq Poseidon Ground Box

The mighty Poseidon is effectively 3 independent Olympus Minimus’s in one rather heavy box! It’s the same width as a Silver Tellus, is a little taller, quite a bit deeper and considerably heavier. It offers an almost limitless number of grounding options and is fast becoming the reference point within the range of Ground Boxes. The ability of the Poseidon is considerably higher than a Silver Tellus or Silver Minimus, due to the mineral mixture it contains. It can lower the noise floor even further, unlocking previously hidden textures in recordings you didn’t know were there with greater air and space around the musicians who are playing.

I can offer a friendly word of warning with the Poseidon – don’t listen to one unless you are ready to buy one, it’s a bit of gamechanger in my opinion and once you’ve heard it…….

Ultimately a demonstration in your own home with your own system will show you everything you need to know. At £3700 this genuinely represents great value and is comfortably my own personal favourite Entreq Ground Box.

Replace the standard wooden binding post on the back of a Poseidon with either an Everest or K2 binding post and you will dramatically improve its performance, even though they are relatively inexpensive they still make a dramatic improvement to whatever you connect them to!