Entreq Speaker Cables


The range of Entreq speaker cable follows the same hierarchy as the interconnects; all speaker cables are single wired only and they can all be connected to a ground box to take advantage of their EEDS system.

A dedicated ground box for each channel is the best way to hear Entreq speaker cables at their optimum; as with everything Entreq the benefits of doing this is easy to demonstrate! One customer recently went through the motions with grounding speaker cables. He borrowed a pair of Challenger 3V cables, a pair of Silver Minimus with a pair of Apollo 3.5mm Ground Cables. He admitted he really wanted just the speaker cable, as the ground boxes/cables were pushing the budget. I explained the benefits of why the grounding of speaker cables is so fundamental as to how the cables work and suggested the customer did 3 demos for himself in the time he had the cable to play with.

Demo 1 – Speaker cables with no grounding

Demo 2 – Speaker cables both grounded onto 1 Silver Minimus

Demo 3 – Speaker Cables with each channel ground onto a Silver Minimus per channel

After about a week the customer called with me with his feedback – basically the more grounding you add the more enjoyable the overall presentation becomes, the sound become more transparent, more fluid, enabling subtle nuances and expressions hidden in the recordings to really come to the fore.

All pricing is based around a 2.5m pair, excluding ground cables/boxes. Additional stereo 0.6 metre increments are priced in brackets. The most popular choice for ground boxes for speaker cables thagt require them is a pair of Silver Minimus on Discover and Konstantin (with a pair of Olympus Ten for Challenger and a beyond) with a pair of Apollo 3.5mm ground cables.

Primer £770.00 (£70.00) Price includes a Primer Ground Box and a pair of Primer 3.5mm Ground Cables

Primer Pro £880.00 (£80.00) Price includes a Primer Ground Box and a pair of Primer 3.5mm Ground Cables

Discover Infinity £1500.00 (£170.00)

Konstantin Infinity £3100.00 (£600.00)

Challenger 3V Infinity £6000.00 (£600.00)

Apollo Infinity £11600.00 (£1400.00)

Atlantis Infinity £16,000 (£1600.00)

I often tell people that the Entreq speaker cable should be the icing on the cake, one of the very last things you do to your system. Of course this does vary dramatically from system to system, but saving the best till last? Quite possibly! If you want to hear the magic of what Entreq speaker cables can do for you system please get in touch!