Entreq Power Cables & Power Management

                                  Everything starts with a wall socket!

I hear so many people say to me that mains cables and mains products are a waste of time, that the last metre of mains cable between the wall socket and the equipment cannot make a difference when you look at the huge journey electricity has to take from being generated, to reach your house and travel along potentially hundreds of metres of twin & earth cable within the infrastructure of your home to reach the wall socket.

I would agree entirely with that statement on the face it, however, the reality of it is quite different.

Power Cables and the move to Infinity

There’s a big range of Entreq power cables and as with anything at this sort of level a home demonstration is critical to understanding their worth and value within your system.

Ultimately the cleaner signal you can feed a power supply in a product the lower the noise floor will be and as a result of that you will simply hear more music, subtle levels of micro-detail and expression that you have never been able to pick out before.

Entreq have used their well researched design principles, to ensure that all of their power cables are as good as they possibly can be, they really do excel. I’ve never done a demonstration of any Entreq power cable that hasn’t impressed, both instantly and even more so after an extended home demonstration.


In the spring of 2018 Entreq introduced a completely new range of Power cables, as part of their Infinity Line. With the new range of cable there have been plenty of changes to the range, largely do to the with the way the cables are constructed and the amount of pressure the conductors are put under whilst been manufactured.

Entreq have left no stone unturned while carrying out their research and development on these new cables. All plugs and IEC connectors are Furutech. All Entreq power cables are designed with separate cables for the phase and neutral and with a mixed earth wire. They also pay considerable attention to the antenna effect, i.e., how many radio waves, magnetic fields etc. the cable receives and send into the device. In this case, material selection and length are critically important.

As with the outgoing range there are 7 power cables in the new Infinity range. With the out-going cables the Challenger 3V (as pictured above) was undoubtedly the start of the show. I would describe it as their ‘upper’ mid-range cable at £2100.00. That’s right, it was £2100.00 for a power cable were others above this model in the range. Before you click away thinking I’ve gone a bit crazy please bear with me on this.

In terms of the original Challenger 3V I genuinely cannot remember the last time a customer had a home demonstration of one and was not almost instantly blown away by the performance it offered. It offers huge scale of sound, yet is incredibly intimate, delivering levels of micro-detail and expression that have previously been veiled.

I once did a demonstration of this cable on a component where the audio signal does not even pass through the product in question (a dCS Word Clock). The retail price of this product was somewhere in the region of £3500.00, the Challenger 3V is £2100.00, makes no sense right?

The increase in performance and musicality in this system with this cable in place was so profound, we took it out and changed electronics around and in order to get the same jump in performance using stock power cables we had to add over £5000 worth of hardware. Starting to looking like good value for money perhaps? Remember, this power cable will stay with your system forever and is without a shadow of a doubt a great investment in your enjoyment of your music.

Infinity Power Cables

The Primer 2017 is the all new entry level power cable in the range and is priced at £380.00. It works incredibly well on any component costing around £1000-£1500 and you will instantly get a substantial jump in performance by using one.

I’ve even tried one on a Rega Brio-R which is £550.00 which is a silly thing to do, surely you’d be better off spending the same money on the next amp up in the range? Well we did that as well, a Brio-R with a Primer comfortably outperformed an Elex-R using its stock mains cable. Power rating/current delivery aside, on a pair of speakers that were easy to drive the Brio-R/Primer combo was so much more musical, you could hear more detail, more of everything. Of course, putting that Primer power cable on the Elex-R elevated it’s performance up a notch as well and is more in keeping of the type of amplifier this power cable may get partnered with.Entreq Primer Power Cable @ Audio Therapy

Power Primer 2017 £380.00

Power Discover Infinity £780.00

Power Konstantin DD W Infinity £1300.00

Power Konstantin 3V Infinity £2100.00

Power Challenger 3V Infinity £3300.00

Power Apollo Infinity £6600.00

Power Atlantis Infinity £8200.00

Entreq Power Challenger 3V Infinity @ Audio TherapyPictured above is the new Challenger 3V Infinity Power Cable, be warned this is one significant upgrade over the outgoing non-Infinity Challenger 3V! The jump in price from £2100 to £3300 suggested the jump was going to have to go some to justify the change. I’m delighted to report it’s not subtle. Performance is best described as incredibly tight and focused with huge amounts of air and texture surrounding everything. Available on home demonstration now. Anyone who has bought an original Challenger 3V and likes what it does will love this!

Entreq Challenger 3V Infinity @ Audio Therapy

PowerUs and CleanUs

The PowerUS is a completely unfiltered power distribution unit, featuring star earthing, a dedicated ground point to connect to a ground box. Designed to reduce stray magnetic fields they simply do the Entreq thing, of lowering the noise floor enabling you to hear more music, and less congestion.

PowerUs Infinity Konstantin 10 £2400 (6 outlets with Schuko sockets or 4 with UK sockets – wired with Konstantin Power Cable)

PowerUs Infinity Challenger 3V 10 £3900 (6 outlets with Schuko sockets or 4 with UK sockets- wired with Challenger 3V Power Cable)

PowerUs Inifnity Apollo £7000 (6 outlets with Schuko sockets or 4 with UK sockets – wired with Apollo Power Cable)

PowerUs Infinity Atlantis 10 £9800.00 (6 outlets with Schuko sockets or 4 with UK sockets – wired with Atlantis Power Cable)

All PowerUs can be specified with either UK or Schuko sockets and wall plug. You can get 6 sockets on the back with a Schuko, compared to 4 UK sockets, due to the size they take up. Schuko sounds better than UK plugs/sockets by a decent margin to make it worth doing. A Schuko wall socket can be supplied if required, but this has to be fitted by a qualified electrician.

Infinity CleanUs

The CleanUs and Silver CleanUs are best thought of as a passive mains filter, designed with one purpose, to reduce high frequency interference, without killing dynamics or reducing levels of details or expression present in the music. You get that inky black background which is what so many people crave with their systems. Whenever a demonstration of a CleanUs/Silver CleanUs is carried out it always results in shock and disbelief and the way in the which the sound of the system improves by lowering the noise floor on the mains in the house before the hi-fi has even started to do its thing.

Even if you have your hi-fi powered by a dedicated fused spur (i.e. it’s on its own ringmain) which always improves performance in it’s own right, you will still get a massive upgrade by grounding your mains supply with a CleanUs

A dedicated ground post is present so you can connect to a ground box to further improve performance.

Ultimately the proof of the pudding is in the listening, so if you want to find out what a CleanUs or Silver CleanUs can do for your system and mains supply please get in touch!

Infinity CleanUs £1200.00

Infinity Silver CleanUs £2400.00