Stillpoints LPI, Apertures & more

Ultra Base

The Ultra Bases are designed to give you height adjustment on the Ultra 5 and Ultra 6, also if you are using Ultra SS under speakers on a carpeted floor the bases can give you additional stability if the pile in the carpet is particularly thick.

Ultra Base = £60.00 each



Turntables and vibrations are not good bedfellows! Stillpoints under a turntable bring all the benefits as outlined above, but the LPI is designed to sit on the spindle of your turntable covering the label. This basically takes care of all of the nasty micro vibrations on the record itself, increasing resolution, lowering the noise floor allowing you to hear more of what is going on. Don’t have a demonstration unless you are ready to buy. It’s that good, it’s one of those products where every demo results in someone buying one.

Priced at £490.00


Want to make your room disappear? The Stillpoints Apertures can certainly help with that. They are 560mm square and they can be wallmounted or stacked (a dedicated stand is available). There is no right or wrong place to put them, but on the back wall between the speakers on behind the listening position is a good place to start. All rooms are different and experimentation is key and part of the fun!

There are 3 distinct technologies contained with the panels, an absorber, a diffusor, and a resonator. Ususally you will find panels such as these only focus on one of the above, not all 3!

They really add focus, make the room appear bigger and make the system disappear – which is a good thing, so many people are guilty of listening to the their system and not the music!

They don’t look offensive either!

Apertures = £689.00 each

ESS Rack

The ESS rack is the ultimate expression of what is possible with Stillpoints; starting with a pair of uprights, high tensile wires and 2 crossbars, you can specify the number of shelves you require. Optional acyrlic shelves are available but the standard shelves are the grid style ones as you can see above. They come with ‘hard hats’ to couple to the equipment, but you can replace these with Ultra Mini, Ultra SS, Ultra 5 or Ultra 6 to upgrade performance as outlined above.

The options are almost infinite, pricing available upon request.

Performance has to be heard to be believed, the ESS rack is a complete game changer.