Stillpoints Ultra 5

Things start to get very interesting with the Ultra 5. There are 5 technology pockets in each one, so when 4 are fitted under a component or a speaker there’s a lot going on! They are substantially bigger and heavier than the Ultra SS. There is no levelling component in the Ultra 5 so if they are going under speakers, the Ultra Bases are very useful as they provide a degree of fine tuning (see below), but if they are being installed on a level surface they aren’t often required.

In performance terms the Ultra 5 is real game changer. Sited underneath a big power (or integrated) amplifier in the appropriate place will totally transform the performance of the system as there will be a lot of unwanted energy being created by the mains transformers which can find its way back into the signal path.

Complicated pieces of music play with real cohesion, but you can easily follow each individual element within the track, rhythmic expression leaps out and there is so much more space and air around everything, it sounds as is the musicians are right at the top of their game, making the system so immersive to listen to. Remove the Stillpoints and everything slows up and becomes congested and it’s instantly less enjoyable to listen to.

I can’t stress enough how good these are, if you’ve an expensive pair of loudspeakers or a big system they benefits they will bring to the musicality of your system cannot be underestimated.

Ultra 5 = £610.00 each, please change the quantity to your requirements in the PayPal checkout