Stillpoints Ultra Mini

The Ultra Mini is the entry level Stillpoint, although the term entry level shouldn’t suggest it is basic or dumbed down in terms of how effective it is. It’s the smallest model at only 1.25 inches tall and 1 inch in diameter, but it still contains the same technology pockets as the other Stillpoints, there are just fewer of them.

I recently did a demonstration of 4 Ultra Minis fitted underneath a dCS Network Bridge. It’s a small, relatively light component and the gains it brought to the presentation, real texture to the bass notes and an almost holographic 3d soundstage were worth the admisssion price of £460.00 alone. I left the client with them to play with for a week to see how they would settle down in his system over an extended period. He took them out and they ended up going back on after about an hour and he has subsequently put Stillpoints under more boxes in his system and he’s enjoying it more than ever!

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