Tellurium Q Ultra Silver Interconnect

This is basically a redesigned Graphite interconnect, except the design of the cable has allowed it to sound a lot more detailed and transparent, not as ‘dark’ as the Graphite could sound! However, this tonal shift has not resulted in a cable which sounds coarse or fatiguing, far from it.

A constant theme across my whole website and my business ethos in general is to listen. There’s no such thing as the best interconnect (a question I frequently get asked) or speaker cable. It all depends on you – what you like (and don’t like), your system and how it reacts with the cable, your budget and even the room! There is only one way to find out ultimately!

                              I'm all about doing a demonstration and letting you find out for yourself!

You can’t phone a dealer 200 miles away and have a discussion about an expensive component or cable and then buy it blind! You can get an opinion based upon experience which is always good, but how it interacts with your system, in your room and whether or not you like how it sounds can’t be judged in a phone call!

The Ultra Silver is priced at £795.00 for a 1 metre pair, terminated with RCA plugs, an XLR version is available and this costs £960.00 for the same length.Tellurium Q Ultra Silver RCA Interconnect @ Audio Therapy

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