Tellurium Q Black Digital Interconnect

The latest version of the Black Digital cable utilises Waveform II technology and is a significant step forward in performance over its predecessor. It sounds cleaner, tighter with greater bass extension.

As I mentioned on the Blue Digital cable page, the cable sceptics out there will no doubt be reading this thinking I’ve lost the plot, “digital cables can’t make any difference whatsoever to sound quality as they are simply carrying 0’s and 1’s”

Take a listen and if you have a half decent system capable of being reasonably transparent and musical the differences shouldn’t be too difficult to hear, mileage will vary of course from system to system depending on the equipment being used.

Priced at £390.00 for a 1 metre cable terminated with RCA plugs as standard, XLR termination is available as well.

                              It's all about what works in your system and what you enjoy the sound of!