Tellurium Q Blue Diamond Speaker Cable

Tellurium Q Blue Diamond Speaker Cable @ Audio TherapyDo you have a class D digital amplifier? If so, meet the Blue Diamond speaker cable! It’s an ideal match!

Formerly known as Green, the Blue Diamond is a brilliant cable in the right system. It’s warm and smooth and fairly mellow sounding so I wouldn’t recommend it with electronics that are too laid back in presentation, but if you have system needs a little taming it’s a perfect choice, but I must stress you will lose no detail or dynamics.

It has evolved from what was originally the Green cable, in that it doesn’t take quite as long to run in as the Green did so you get to optimum performance much, much sooner!

Priced at £170.00 per mono metre.

Hi-Fi Pig Review “The Blue Diamond’s refinement addressed vocal clarity, projection and body impressively. Decay of strings and timbre of the acoustic guitar led into spatial awareness including crowd interaction and theatre perspectives. Yet what I found really intriguing was how the clever top end functioned….The point is that the Blue Diamonds relished those fast transients and delivered them with realism and sure-footedness, with that anticipated sharp “crack” delivered rather impressively, equally so with deep articulate bass laden with well defined and executed timbres and textures ..”

Tellurium Q Blue Diamond Speaker Cable is available to buy online now