Tellurium Q Silver Diamond Speaker Cable

The Silver Diamond is the flagship speaker cable from Tellurium and it absolutely deserves this accolade, priced at £895.00 per metre it’s not for the faint of heart, but once you’ve heard it there really is no going back. If you have a good system and you have that temptation to buy a new amplifier or new pair of speakers I would highly recommend trying this first, the benefits it brings is easily as significant as a serious component change!

To produce this cable Tellurium  have had to push their knowledge and research into phase distortion to the absolute limit, resulting in a sound which is utterly transparent, detailed and musical, delivering top end detail in music that you’ve never previously heard. Bass response is brilliant with a superb mid-band which is sweet and full bodied.

Instruments sound real and incredibly vivid, there’s no blurring of the music and you can really hear what is truly going on.

Based on the fact this is nearly £900.00 a metre I’ll admit it won’t be for everyone, but if you’ve a decent system don’t dismiss it, organise a home demonstration and find out for yourself!