Tellurium Q Ultra Black Speaker Cable

At £260.00 per metre the jump to Ultra Black is quite a leap in financial terms from the Black II, all of the superlative reviews this cables gets all state words to the effect of “don’t try it unless you are willing to buy it, it’s that good”

Well, I’m afraid to say that statement is true. The Ultra Black is like the Black II, in terms of tonal characteristics, there’s just more of everything, more space and texture, more scale and weight, it’s clean with more cohesion and brilliant dynamics with no hint of aggression or artificial detail.

Natural and very dynamic and open sounding sums it up for me. I did a demo of this cable (against original Black) recently and customer said that the Ultra Black made the standard Black sound “messy, congested and all over the place” in comparison.

Now, clearly the Black isn’t as he described it, but the Ultra Black really does take things up a notch. I’m more than happy to demonstrate this cable in the convenience of your own and system to see what it does for you!

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