Vitus Audio

Thrill Your Senses!

State of the Art Design, State of the Art Performance

I fondly recall the first time I had the pleasure of listening to Vitus Audio. I knew there and then it was a phenomenal product, a true high end design. There are many pretenders to this so-called high end throne, then there is Vitus Audio……

The Vitus philosophy is to simply get you closer to the music and this is something they deliver on a grand scale and I’m immensely proud to be representing them.

Everything they produce is solid state, although it could be argued it almost has a valve like presentation in that it is so natural and smooth with absolutely no fatigue, yet is utterly transparent, endlessly detailed, with world class dynamics. Their amplifiers have almost unlimited power and huge amounts of current delivery, beautiful levels of texture and micro-detail and an almost holographic 3D presentation all of which combine to deliver revelatory performance.

The presentation is seductive, infectious and, above all it draws you in. You can easily lose hours upon hours sitting in front of a Vitus system. I’ve lost count of the number of systems I’ve seen over the years which only excel playing certain types of music but with Vitus you’ll find yourself listening to more new music than ever before, widening your musical horizons.

Build quality is second to none, back breakingly heavy, yet the design is elegant and simple. They are a forward thinking company as well, offering a superb plug-in DAC board for the RI-101 Integrated Amplifier for example. An AV processor loop to integrate easily into cinema systems is another popular feature.

There are 3 distinct ranges of products. The Vitus starting point is the Reference Series, which starts where most other brands top out and offers genuinely breathtaking performance that goes way beyond its price tag. Within the Reference Series there is an integrated amplifier, CD player, phono stage, DAC/preamplifier, a standalone preamplifier and a stereo power amplifier.

The RI-101 integrated amplifier priced at just under £12000 and genuinely represents tremendous value for money. With 300 watts per side and a vice like grip it sounds hugely transparent and dynamic, yet smooth and delicate and beautifully intimate. Even if the RI-101 was dramatically more expensive it would still comfortably compete against anything you were to put it up against!

Next up is the Signature Series, which raises the bar considerably over pretty much any brand out there, either for similar money or those costing significantly more. There are 8 products in the Signature Series; an integrated amplifier, CD player, phono stage, pre-amp0lifier and 2 stereo power amps and 2 mono power amps. The CD player (SCD-025) and the Integrated Amplifier (SIA-025) are undoubtedly the stars of the show from the Signature Series

The Masterpiece Series is the flagship Vitus range. This is basically a no-holds barred version of the Signature Series, the pinnacle of what Vitus can do. The Masterpiece Series utilises heavily customised and bespoke components to push the performance as far as possible. They are absolute state of the art and deliver performance to an almost unimaginable level.