Masterpiece Series

The Masterpiece Series is the Vitus flagship range of products, it’s probably best described as their legacy, the ‘ultimate of the ultimate’ if you will.

The following paragraph is from Vitus and is nicely sums up their philosphy on the Masterpiece Series.

Time is money. We all know that saying. It means that time is precious. We don’t live forever. We all want to leave a legacy. Therefore, we must make every second count. The true legacy of Vitus Audio lies in their Masterpiece Series. Each piece is like a masterful achievement. One can compare the masterpieces with chronographs. A chronograph is a precise, accurate and high-performance instrument. The bezel represents the beautifully machined housing. Cost is no object in the pursuit of the ultimate. Carefully selected components make each masterpiece tick, like an internal wheelwork. Miniature designs seem filled with marvelous cogs, working harmoniously together to withstand the test of time. In a majestic way the hands move constantly around the plate, indicating the time, mood and expectance. Jazz, classic or contemporary? Musical preference and taste for design come together. What’s your choice? The enjoyment of many chronographs is that you can look into it. The designs of the Vitus Audio masterpieces are equally transparent. They are built to last a lifetime. Each instrument of the Masterpiece Series guarantees the highest level of musical enjoyment. Becoming an owner of such highly esteemed electronics is a privilege and will leave you speechless!

There are currently 7 products in the Masterpiece Series, more can be found on them at the Vitus website. Happy reading!