Reference Series

Listening to music is an emotional experience, when a system or component hits the spot, goosebumps or shivers down the spine are hard to beat. For me that feeling and level of engagement is sort of a holy grail. I know a brand is doing something right when listening to a song I know well turns me into an emotional wreck. I’ve heard so many mediocre brands and systems, all adding something to the presentation, call it an artificial tonality, an almost false character, which may be impressive in a quick demo in a dealers’ demo room on a Saturday afternoon, but after an extended period of living with it properly at home it can quickly become fatiguing often rendering lots of poorly mastered music un-listenable (which is more commmon place than you’d realise) and only allowing your to listen to music in relatively short bursts before you need to take a break.

Vitus Audio goes about things a little differently, they strive to make the presentation as natural and close to the original as possible. Simply put, it boils down to stand out, to rise above mediocrity.

Just like you’re not satisfied with that average car. You want more out of life: superior technology, breakthrough innovation, functional design and stellar performance. There are only a few manufacturers out there, who can produce cars that meet these expectations for example. Vitus would like to think that they are the best-suited partner if you’re looking for the same things in the audiovisual landscape.

The Reference Series offer a true entry in the world of high end audio. The range consists of 5 products.  Each of the Reference Series products offers expressivity, emotion and finesse like no other at their price points.

Are you ready to make the right choice and get on board with Vitus?