Signature Series

So what happens when you step up from the Reference Series? – to be fair, many people will never find out. The Reference Series for a lot of people is as good as it will ever need to be or can be. The Reference Series delivers so much and offers such good value for money, it genuinely does perform way past its price point and will easily compete with things from other stables costing a lot more money.

That said as with anything in life (Cars, Watches, Houses, Holidays) there is always more, another level to strive to, I guess ultimately it depends on your circumstances, budget and life’s priorities!

Please don’t mistakenly assume that all of my High-End customers are all multi-millionaires with unlimited budgets; quite the opposite, the vast majority of the Audio Therapy client base are normal working people who all share a common love of music and want it reproduced to very highest standard to maximise their enjoyment. Upgrades are planned, a road map of the order they will be carried out is drawn up and they save!

Don’t forget generous part exchange helps keeps the wheels turning as well and in many instances not a lot of money is paid over due to the nature of some of the items part-exchanged.

You could say that the Signature Series is the Reference Series but on steroids, highly tuned and heavily customised to deliver more performance, more musicality with greater levels of transparency and fluidity, grander scale and finer intimacy. The second most popular Vitus product from the Audio Therapy portfolio is from the Signature Series, sound quality is on another level to most things and it never fails to make jaws hit the floor.

There are 9 products from with in the Signature Series, although I am only focussing on 4 on them, the SCD-025 CD Player / DAC, the SIA-025 Integrated and the SL-103 Pre-amp with the SM-11 Monoblock Power Amplifiers.