Entreq Olympus Infinity Ground Box

Entreq have just announced a brand new ground box, the Olympus Infinity. Housed in the same sized box as an Olympus Minimus; the new Olympus Infinity is in effect a turbo charged version with greater capacity.

For example, you can ground a USB cable on one post and an analogue interconnect on the other. Or have a pre-amp connected to one post and a DAC to the other, options are almost limitless, depending on the system of course. The more connections you can keep separate from one another the better the end result.

A lot of customers with several smaller ground boxes in their systems have passed comment that a Olympus grade ground box that is not too big but with plenty of capacity……well Entreq have listened 🙂

Due to launch soon, the anticipated price of the Olympus Infinity is going to be in the region of £3000.00 and I suspect it is going to be rather special given how good the Olympus Ten is!

We’ll be putting one on permanent demonstration as soon as they become available and will post a review once it has been put through its paces! 

If you have never had a try of a ground box in your system please get in touch, in most instances the differences are not subtle. The box does not interfere or change the signal path, but simply removes unwanted pollutants/electrical noise that are present within the signal path, by removing these you simply allow your system and the musical signal to breath. With a lower noise floor you hear more detail, texture and dynamics in your music.

All systems and components have noise within the signal path, regardless of brand and cost. If you want to hear you system perform free of noise please get in touch!