Melco N1ZH mk1 Special Offer

We have a brilliant special offer on the Melco Audio N1ZH mk1 Digital Music Library

The original selling price of this model was £3500.00 and we have some brand new stock (in Silver only) available for £2275.00 – that price includes UK delivery via courier as well.

The N1ZH was the middle model in the Melco range and offers significant upgrade in performance over the entry level N1A machine. With 6tb of onboard storage the N1ZH offers ample space for all but the very largest of digital music collections. Simply add a USB hard drive for easy back up and a CD drive to rip your music collection directly the hard drives. Automatically download high resolution music from

The Melco makes digital audio storage easier than ever – you do not need to use a computer at all to set up, configure and get the very best out of both the machine itself and your music library.

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