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Noise is the Enemy!

Entreq Olympus Ten Ground Box @ Audio TherapyHave a read of our latest blog post, where we go through the range of Entreq’s single post ground boxes in a bit more detail, highlighting the differences as you move through the range. The small single post boxes are becoming very popular, so this may prove useful!

Entreq Single Post Ground Boxes                                10th October 2018      

We are now a Melco Master Dealer!

Melco Master Dealer @ Audio Therapy

Melco Master Dealer @ Audio TherapyAbsolutely thrilled and immensely proud to announce that Audio Therapy has been appointed a Melco Master Dealer. If you are thinking of buying the best server/digital transport get in touch, we’ll ensure you are getting the very best out of it!

Melco Master Dealer                                               5th October 2018      

Network Audio & Entreq

Entreq Silver Minimus and RJ45 Cables @ Audio TherapyLearn more about how some of Entreq’s smaller items can improve your Network and Streamed Music!

Entreq & Networked Audio                                        3rd October 2018      

Clic Furniture now available!

Clic @ Audio TherapyWe are proud to announce we are now authorised retailers of the brilliant range of Clic products from Denmark! Follow the link to learn more!!

Clic Furniture                                                   26th September2018      

Melco announce 2 new models to their range!

Melco N100 Digital Music Library @ Audio TherapyMelco have just annouced the addition of 2 brand new models to their range, a new entry level player, the N100 and a 2 box machine called the N10 that will sit a little higher up the range. The N100 is due for launch over the next week or 2 and will tie in with the long anticipated Melco Control App!! The N10 will be due out soon.

Check out our latest blog post which features some info on both new models!

All New Melco N100 and N10 Digital Music Libraries                       25th September2018      

Flagship Melco Audio N1ZS/2A Now on Demonstration

Melco Audio N1ZS/2A @ Audio Therapy We now have the flagship Melco Audio Server/Streamer/Digital Audio Transport on permanent demonstration along with the N1ZH/2A, the D100 Optical Drive and the E100 Expansion Drive.

Priced at £8750.00 the N1ZS/2A features a single 2 terabyte solid state hard drive which has been highly optimised for audio playback with several unnecessary IT related features being removed from the drive. Using a Vitus RD-101 as the DAC and switching between the N1ZH/2A and the N1ZS/2A the difference is not subtle. The soundstage is wider, taller and deeper on the N1ZS and there is much more subtle nuances going on in recordings, really fine detail and texture that simply isn’t there on the N1ZH/2A.That’s no slant on the N1ZH/2A, it’s the most popular Melco here at Audio Therapy and for good reason, but the N1ZS/2A does show it a clean set of heels in my demonstration system.

Both machines are on permanent demonstration so if you want to find out which is the best Melco for you please get in touch.

Melco N1ZS/2A on demonstration                           18th September2018      

Pre-owned Vitus Audio RI-100 available!Vitus RI-100 @ Audio Therapy

Due to a customer upgrading to an SIA-025 we now have a pre-owned RI-100 Integrated Amplifier available to buy. This example is black, in pristine condition (the customer keeps the velvet cover on it when not in use) and is supplied in original packaging.

Images to follow over the next day or so, this RI-100 does not have the DAC module fitted to it (we can fit one to it should someone be interested in one of course!)

There is nothing stopping someone buying this and then getting it factory upgraded to an RI-101 to get the latest specificaton and performance.

Priced to sell at £6495.00 which is an absolute steal given the level of performance on offer. Remember a new RI-101 is £11800.00

Pre-owned Vitus RI-100 Incoming                                        29th August 2018      

Rough Guide to Streaming Music & Where Melco Fits InMelco @ Audio TherapyNew to streaming music? Confused by the jargon? Wondering how the Melco fits in with your USB DAC and Network Player? Check out our latest blog post to learn more!

Read More

A Rough Guide to Streaming Music                                        21st August 2018      

Brand New Entreq Olympus Infinty Ground Box Announced!Entreq Olympus Infinity Ground Box @ Audio TherapyEntreq have just announced that they are releasing a rather special new ground box! Say hello to the Olympus Infinity! Read More

Entreq Olympus Infinity Ground Box                                         15th August 2018      

Tellurium Q & Entreq Customer FeedbackEntreq Vibbeaters @ Audio TherapyCheck out some brilliant feedback we have received from a customer who has recently upgraded his cabling to Tellurium Q Ultra Black and Black Diamond and has also added a pair of the weird but very wonderful Entreq Vibbeaters to sit on top of his loudspeakers!

Customer Feedback                                                   9th August 2018      

Tellurium Q Black Diamond Cables

We have on demonstration a fairly extensive selection of Tellurium Q cables as well, their Black Diamond is our reference speaker cable in our demonstration system, priced at £630.00 a metre performance is off the charts. Huge levels of transparency with huge scale and a level of realism which is hard to beat! A truly wonderful speaker cable! We have also the matching Black Diamond XLR interconnect on demonstration as well, which delivers more of the same to be quite honest, priced at £1150.00 it’s comfortably one of the very cables at its pricepoint (and then some!)


Tellurium Q Cables                                                     28th July 2018      

Entreq Athena now on demonstration!

Entreq Athena @ Audio TherapyWe now have the fabulous Entreq Athena Equipment Support on demonstration, the Athena is so much more than just an wooden equipment stand, learn more about the benefits it offers here!

Entreq Athena                                                     28th July 2018      

Entreq Primer RJ45 Cable on a Sonos Connect!!!

Entreq Primer RJ45 with a Sonos Connect @ Audio TherapyFind out what happened when we did a demonstration of an Entreq Primer RJ45 Ethernet Cable on a humble Sonos Connect!

Entreq Primer RJ45 Cable on a Sonos Connect!                                27th July 2018      

All New Apollo Infinity USB Cable

The brand new Entreq Apollo Infinity USB Cable is now available and on demonstration. Priced at £1500 it’s a fantastic performer and has a little surprise up its sleeve in the way it has been designed. Read more!

Entreq Infinity Apollo USB Cable                                             7th July 2018      

Get on Point with the Ultra 6 from Stillpoints

Stillpoints Ultra 6 @ Audio TherapyWe now have the flagship Stillpoint, the Ultra 6, on demonstration. Priced at £800 each the Ultra 6 is the first Stillpoints to feature the technology pockets on the outside of the Stillpoint so the part of the Stillpoint that does the magic is in direct contact with whatever component you want to put on top of them.

The Ultra 5 is a magical upgrade, whenever it is demonstrated it always raises eyebrows and drops jaws at how effective it is. It adds real texture to bass notes and unlocks more transparency as unwanted mechanical energy is drawn to the Stillpoint and converted to low level heat (you can’t get rid of energy you just have to manage it). So, we removed 3 Ultra 5’s and replaced them with 3 Ultra 6’s (with Ultra Bases fitted) and the difference in performance was instantly audible.

The benefit was just like the Ultra 5, but there was so much more of everything. It was like a veil had been lifted from in front of the speakers. If you have a good system and you want to make it better the Ultra 6 would be a great place to start!

If you have a more modest system but would like to improve the performance the Stillpoints range starts with the Ultra-Mini which are £360 for a 3 pack or £460 for a 4 pack. If you place 3 or 4 of these under a Melco N1A, N1ZH or your DAC prepare for a rather nice upgrade!

Stillpoints Ultra 6                                              20th June 2018                      
Melco D100 CD Disc Drive @ Audio Therapy

The Melco D100 Optical Disc Drive has arrived! Please check out our last blog post to see what it’s about and how it performs!  We’ve been comparing new rips to old rips and also using it as a CD Transport. It’s a bit good! Even if you don’t have a Melco and rip your CD’s using a computer the D100 will be a great upgrade delivering more accurate bit-perfect rips.

Melco Audio D100 Optical CD Drive                                     1st June 2018                      

Scaling the heights of Everest with Entreq! Entreq Everest @ Audio TherapyCheck out our latest blog post on the brilliant Entreq Everest and K2 binding posts and what they can do to your existing Entreq Ground Box – they offer a great, cost effective upgrade path to get more out of your audio system and increase musical enjoyment!

Entreq Everest & K2                                                                       24th May 2018                      

Primed for action with Entreq!

Entreq Primer Power Cable @ Audio TherapyEntreq’s brand new entry level power cable, simply called the Primer, is now available at Audio Therapy. Priced at £380.00 for a 1.8m length this is a truly landmark sounding cable for this sort of money!

It gives you a decent slice of performance from some of the much bigger (and more expensive) Entreq cables for a fraction of the cost. This could quite possibly be one of the very best power cables money can buy under £800.00. Anyone familiar with Entreq will know this is new territory for them, historically their power cables have started at a much higher price.

It delivers all the typical hallmark Entreq qualities of being organic and natural. It is never harsh or aggressive, yet it opens up the soundstage simply allowing more to be heard.

Entreq Primer Power Cable                                                                         16th May 2018                      


Munich High End 2018Munich 2018 @ Audio TherapyAfter a fantastic 4 days away I got home late last night. If you follow me on social media you will have no doubt seen some of the images I uploaded over the course of the weekend. I  saw a tremendous amount of equipment, some of it was exceptional and some of was, well, a bit less than exceptional!


The best cost no object system at the show for me was easily the Estelon Extreme’s and the big Vitus mono power amps, was breathtaking real, no colouration at all, the design and engineering behind this speakers really is a joy to behold.

Esetelon & Vitus @ Audio Therapy Estelon Extreme @ Audio TherapyTheir looks may divide opinion (I think they look amazing!) but the engineering and performance are off the chart. I spoke to a few people at the show and everyone was in agreement on the level performance in this room! We’re adding a couple of new products to the Audio Therapy portfolio as a result of the show. First off the magnificent new DAC from Vitus Audio, the RD-101. This new Reference level DAC is the perfect partner piece to go the with the RI-101 Integrated Amplifier  After the SD-025 DAC at £17,500 the new RD-101 is quite comfortably going to be the next best sub £20,000 DAC on the market today, more coming soon on the RD-101. The final price of the RD-101 has yet to be confirmed but we expect it be around £10,000. The RD-101 also have a few novel features tucked up its sleeve, more on that in due course! In addition to the RD-101, we will soon have the new Melco D-100 CD Ripper and their flagship N1ZS/2 Solid Stage Music Library on demonstration as well, combined with the RD-101 that should make a rather formidable source, a genuinely world class combination. 

Munich High End 2018                                                                                                     14th May 2018

Alluxity…….Danish elegance and sophistication turned up to 11!

Alluxity @ Audio TherapyAlluxity has been on my radar for a little while now. For anyone who isn’t familiar with them they are brainchild of Alexander Vitus Mogensen, the son of the owner/founder of Vitus Audio, Hans-Ole Vitus.

Simple clean lines and a really elegant design with genuine battleship build quality. The quality of finish and the simplicity of operation via the touchscreen are second to none, and then there the performance. For the money (£6900 for the integrated amplifier) it has no right to sound this good. As the background would suggest this is real high-end performance at a fraction of the cost of many other brands. With 200 watts per channel it has more than sufficient power to drive. It has 2 XLR and 3 RCA inputs and can be controlled via an iPad (there is a ethernet socket on the rear panel).

Sonically it is incredibly emotive, soulful with real texture and tone. Put it up against a pre, power and power supply for similar money and it really comes into its own. It looks like a elegant and stylish lifestyle product, but has all the performance to compete with some serious, serious equipment and best of all it’s incredibly intuitive and simple and to operate and coming from the Vitus family you get everything you’d expect and them some!

There is also a pre, power combination and a media player, watch this space! 

Alluxity is coming to Audio Therapy                                                                                      14th May 2018


The King is Dead, Long Live The King!

All New Vitus Audio RI-101 Integrated Amplifier

Vitus Audio RI-101 Integrated Amplifier @ Audio TherapyWell, we have now had the all new RI-101 Integrated Amplfier from Vitus Audio on demonstration for a week. It has been running pretty much non-stop for the past 7 days. Please have a read of our findings so far – it’s sounding rather pleasant! There will be more to be added to this page, once more hours have been clocked and we’ve experienced performance with a few other things in the system. Plus, another 101 is being installed in a couple of weeks time with some Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series speakers and we’ll provide feedback on that system as well, Vitus, Melco, dCS, Entreq and B&W. If you have a big system and you want to simplify your audio system whilst at the same time dramtically improve its performance do yourself a favour and organise a listen of some Vitus, everyone who has done it so far is over the mooon with the performance gains they have experienced (and some people have gone from amplification costing nearly double the money!)

Vitus Audio RI-101 Integrated Amplifier                                       9th May 2018                                                                                                                                                                              2nd May 2018

Get your Network Primed with EnteqEntreq Primer RJ45 Interconnect Cable @ Audio Therapy

The brand new Entreq Primer RJ45 Ethernet Cables are now available, check out our latest blog post about Ethernet in general, featuring some feedback on how I got on with the cables in comparison to something costing a lot more and something costing a lot less!  Should make for interesting reading, the Primer RJ45 cables are available to order now.

Entreq Primer RJ45 Ethernet Cable                                                                                   3rd May 2018                                                                                                                                                                                                                           2nd May 2018


Entreq and Naim @ Audio Therapy

You’re no-one without an Entreq

Check out our latest blog post about the all new Entreq Infinity 5 Pin Din ground cables, which have been specifically designed to improve the performance of Naim Audio Integrated Amplifiers and Pre-amplifiers. By connecting your Naim amp up to one of the Entreq Ground Boxes with one of these Infinity cables you remove noise from the signal path, lower the noise floor and subsequently increase dynamics and make the system more musical.

Entreq Infinity 5 Pin Cables                                                     April 26th 2018
Tellurium Q Queens Award for Enterprise @ Audio Therapy

TQ are off to the Palace!

I am absolutely delighted for the guys at Tellurium Q as they have been bestowed with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2018 for outstanding growth in their export business over the last three years! They make a genuinely superb product which offers brilliant value for money right across their entire range and it seems other people like it too! If you are looking to maximise the potential of your audio system they could be just the thing you need! Read more about their brilliant range of cables on this page

Telluriuim Q awarded major business accolade!                                                                 April 25th 2018
Entreq Power Challenger 3V Infinity @ Audio Therapy

To Infinity……

The Entreq Challenger 3V Infinity Power Cable is the first of the new breed of power cables to arrive on demonstration here at Audio Therapy towers. Other cables in the range will be coming through in the due course, but check out our blog post on my initial findings on this rather special cable.

Entreq Challenger 3V Infinity Power Cable                                                                       April 23rd 2018
Melco N1ZH 2 @ Audio Therapy

Upgrading from a Melco N1A to a N1ZH – What to Expect?

Do you own a Melco N1A and are curious about what you get if you upgrade to the next model up in the range, the N1ZH? Have a read of our latest blog post, which features some feedback from one of our customers who has just made the upgrade with brilliant results.

Upgrading to a Melco N1ZH!                                                                                  April 5th 2018

Melco D100 @ Audio TherapyMelco announce D100 CD Ripper/Transport and E100 Expansion Drive

Melco have very recently announced they are launching their own CD ripper/transport, the D100. This is going to take the ripping of discs (and the playback of discs) to the next level compared to using a standard  PC style external CD drive. Using a custom designed Melco PCB with hand-picked capacitors and a quality clock generator the D100 will guarantee the very best performance from both ripping and playing back CD’s. Build quality is superb, weighing in at 3.5kg, most IT drives are less than 1kg in comparison.

On the face of it you wouldn’t think it would make a difference, but all of the preliminary testing and listening is proving otherwise! Once our demo unit has arrived it will be thoroughly put through its paces and we will report back.

The D100 is not exclusively for Melco users!

Even if you do not own a Melco, you can still benefit from the D100 by connecting it to a conventional PC or Mac and using something like dBPoweramp or EAC to rip your CD’s. If you have a USB DAC (with a spare USB connection) you could even connect the D100 to that and use it as a highly quality CD transport.

Melco E100 @ Audio Therapy

The E100 is a 3 terabyte expansion drive, designed to expand upon the Melco’s storage should you fill it. 

Most people who have an N1A or a N1ZH are unlikely to fill up the hard drive(s) unless they have a seriously big collection. But for those with an N1ZS/1 or N1ZS/2 filling the smaller SSD drive is quite possible. Any old external USB drive can be used expand upon the internal drive when it reaches capacity, the only issue being it never sounds anywhere near as good the music that is stored internally, the E100 is the solution!

It’s not an SSD drive, but is a carefully selected 3TB drive and is physically treated the same way as the internal drives in the Melco itself it is properly isolated from vibration, the 2mm aluminum base supports the whole case with great rigidity. Using this to expand upon your collection allows you to do it without compromising performance.

Both the D100 and E100 are priced at £900 each and will be available very soon!

Melco D100 and E100 Coming Soon!                                                                          March 28th 2018

Entreq Silver Minimus RearEntreq Special Offers

Due to the introduction of the new Infinity range of ground cables there is a reasonably extensive selection of non-Infinity ground cables available at attractive prices on our pre-owned page. There is also a couple of ex-demo ground boxes, namely Silver Minimus and Silver Tellus. This is a great opportunity to get some Entreq and improve your hi-fi system and save some money as well!

Special Offer Entreq                                                          March 26th 2018

Naim NAC252 @ Audio TherapyNaim NAC252 and Supercap DR now available!

Well, the Naim NAC252 and Supercap DR have arrived and both have been thoroughly checked, test, photographed and put in storage

Both are in excellent conditon – great opportunity to save some money and make a great upgrade to your Naim system!

Naim Supercap Power Supply @ Audio Therapy
Pre-owned Naim NAC252 & Supercap DR          BOTH SOLD!                                      March 23nd 2018

Entreq Silver MinimusImprove your streamed music service by grounding your network

Check out our latest blog post – if you stream music off the Internet using a paid for monthly subscription – there are  some relatively inexpensive tweaks you can make which will dramatically improve your listening experience!

Read More

Ground your network!                                                                                          March 22nd 2018



Entreq Infinity Ground Cables @ Audio TherapyAll new Entreq Infinity Ground Cables now added to our webshop!

The all new range of Entreq Infinity Ground Cables are now available in our webshop. The new range is not a new range for the sake of it. The construction methods of the new cables have changed, resulting in much better performance than the non-Infinity counterparts.

The drain conductors are put under very high pressure during the construction process, resulting in lower resistance. The resulting differences are quite profound, more musicality, better flow and timing. I have done the a/b between old and new in a handful of systems, all with the same result.

Entreq Infinity Ground Cables                                                                       March 15th 2018

Entreq Silver Tellus Ground Box @ Audio TherapyEx-demo Entreq Silver Tellus just added!

If you were thinking of getting onboard with Entreq and their fabulous range of grounding products there has never been a better time. We have our ex-demo Silver Tellus available to buy with a good saving on it.

Entreq Silver Tellus Ex-Demo                                                                       March 14th 2018

Secure credit and debit card integration coming soon!

We are delighted to announce that Audio Therapy have been approved for secure credit and debit card transactions, this will be integrated into our pre-owned and shop ages over the coming weeks, there is a lot of testing to do before it gets signed off, but it’s great news. Anyone thinking of buying something who was put off using PayPal now has no excuse!

Watch this space….

Credit Card Integration                                                                                                         March 7th 2018

Naim NAP200 DR @ Audio TherapyMore Pre-owned Naim Audio incoming!
Over the next couple of days we will have a 2015 NAP200 DR Power Amplifier and a 2016 NAPSC Power Supply.

Both items are in pristine condition, supplied in original packaging. These will be added to our pre-owned page along with plenty of images once they arrive with me

Pre-owned Naim Audio  SOLD                                                                                                      March 5th 2018

Tellurium Q Black II Speaker Cable @ Audio TherapyMore Tellurium Q cables added to our demonstration kit
In addition to the Black Diamond and Silver Diamond cables we now have on demonstration we have also added the incredibly popular Black II Speaker Cable and the brilliant Ultra Black RCA interconnect.

Both great cables offering a brilliant upgrade path for the money – if you crave musicality, resolution, texture and wonderful bass these cables should be your first port of call!

Black II Speaker Cable is £54.00 per metre – available to buy now

Ultra Black RCA Interconnect is £390.00 for a 1m pair – available to buy now

Tellurium Q Cables                                                                                                              February 8th 2018

Pre-owned Naim Audio NAP300 Power Amplifier available now

We have just taken a NAP 300 Power Amplifier in part exchange, this is a 2014 model, in great condition, boxed and available to buy now for £3750 plus P&P We also have other great pre-owned Naim items coming in soon, including a Supercap DR. There are more details and images here

Naim Audio NAP300 Power Amplifier    SOLD                                                               February 3rd 2018

Tellurium Q Black Diamond XLR Interconnect @ Audio TherapyTellurium Q Black Diamond XLR Interconnects now on demonstration

We put the brilliant Black Diamond Speaker Cable on demonstration back in December, it was only a matter of time before we were going to put the matching XLR interconnect on permanent demo to go with it, well – it’s arrived! 

Priced at £1150.00 in XLR form or £890.00 with RCA plugs

The first thing you notice upon taking them out of the box is build quality, the plugs are fabulous! Out of the box performance is pretty good, but once they’ve been on a couple of hours they really grab your attention. I’ve gone into more detail on how they sound on this page,

For the money they genuinely represent great value and anyone with a half decent system thinking of upgrading cables should give them a try!

We also now have a Silver Diamond USB Cable on permanent demonstration as well, priced at £888 for a 1 metre this is a very, very impressive cable. It’s incredibly revealing with huge bandwidth and dynamics. Read more about it here.

Please do not dismiss USB and 0’s and 1’s and it can’t make a difference – if you have a good system to start with the improvements this can bring are far from subtle!!

Tellurium Q Silver Diamond USB Cable @ Audio Therapy

Tellurium Q Cables @ Audio Therapy                                                              January 31st 2018

Entreq Infinity Ground Cables @ Audio TherapyEntreq Infinity Ground Cables Now Available!!!!

The all new Infinity line of ground cables from Entreq are now available. Stock of Apollo has arrived, Atlantis should be due in early January with XLR and USB cables later in January.

Initial testing of the new Apollo is going incredibly well. An Apollo Infinity is not a subtle upgrade over the original Apollo. It’s much, much closer to the performance of an Atlantis and when you consider an Apollo Infinity is £600.00 that’s great value!

Existing Apollo owners can upgrade for a relatively modest outlay as well.

Upgrading works like this: Take 20% of the cost of the cable you want to upgrade (An Apollo was £540.00 so 20% is £108.00), next add to that the difference in cost between the RRP of the old cable and the new cable, so £168.00 to upgrade an old Apollo to an Apollo Infinity. I’ve not updated the Ground Cables page with Infinity yet, but it will be done in due course!

Entreq Ground Cables                                                                         21st December 2017

Avalon Idea & Vitus RI-100 @ Audio TherapyAvalon Ideas on Demo

We now have the wonderful Avalon Acoustics entry level loudspeaker, the Idea, on permanent demonstration.

Priced at £9500 a pair the Idea offers a real high end speaker in a relatively compact floorstanding design. Eyebrows have been raised that a speaker this compact couldn’t possibly offer real bass weight and scale – rest assured it only takes about 30 seconds of listening to put this concern to one side!

The Ideas are hugely holographic, they simply disappear in the room leaving you with beautiful music. They are incredibly natural in presentation, never aggressive or fatiguing.  They are wonderfully coherent with superb levels of texture and articulation.

Avalon Idea Loudspeakers                                                                           21st December 2017

Pre-owned dCS Puccini CD/SACD Player & U-Clock

We have advertised on our pre-owned page a brilliant dCS Puccini CD/SACD Player with the matching U-Clock. Both items are boxed and in excellent condition, supplied with all accessories.


Superlative performance from CD, SACD, USB and SPDIF. Original selling price for these 2 items around the £15,000 mark, these are available to buy for £5250.00 plus P&P

Pre-owned dCS Puccini & U-Clock SOLD                                                           8th December 2017

Tellurium Q System Disc @ Audio TherapyTellurium Q System Disc

We have the Tellurium Q System Disc available to buy now in our shop. Priced at just £20.00 this should be considered a system essential. This disc has 3 tracks which last for little over an hour, track 1 ensures system is set up correctly, tracks 2 and 3 put your system through its paces.

The frequencies this disc reaches far exceeds normal music and really blows away any cobwebs that are lurking within system. It’s also a great tool for running in components and new cables. Don’t underestimate this disc. Use it for an hour before you sit down for a proper listening session and it really peps your system and kicks it into action! In stock now

Buy the Tellurium Q System Disc Now                                                                               7th December 2017

Entreq Infinity @ Audio TherapyNew Entreq Infinity Range

Entreq have a new range of ground cables, interconnects, speaker cables and power cables. All of the Entreq naming remains the same but with inclusion of the word Infinity. New demo stock is going to be arriving in a few shipment over the next month or so.

Prices have gone up (nothing ever comes down!) but thankfully performance has gone up by a much bigger margin relatively speaking.

Find out more about the Entreq Infinity range                                                             9th November 2017

Fink Biscuits for Breakfast @ Audio TherapyDiscover what music we listen to!

Take a look at a selection of some the music we use to listen to new equipment and evaluate systems. It’s all great music and we hope you like the look of some it if you are not familiar with it all!

Its changes quite often but most of these albums I’d describe as keepers!



Music @ Audio Therapy                                                                                                19th October 2017

dCS Debussy DAC @ Audio Therapy

Updated Ex-demo/Pre-owned Page

We have updated the pre-owned/ex-demo page of our website with some exciting new products that are available to buy now. Please get in touch for more info. More items will be added over the coming weeks as well.

Check out our Pre-owned/Ex-demo Page                                                                 19th October 2017

Melco 3.70 @ Audio TherapyMelco release Firmware 3.70

Melco have just released firmware 3.70 for their range of brilliant products. Superb functionality has been added, all adding up to make the Melco even easier to use with better integration with other music services – direct downloads of Qobuz purchases live now!

Read More about Firmware 3.70                                                                                18th October 2017  

T+A PA3100 HV @ Audio TherapyT+A Coming Soon to Audio Therapy

The awesome German brand T+A will soon be here at Audio Therapy. We’ve had an extensive play with parts of their extensive range and certain key products will be available on home demonstration soon.

To say I am excited is an understatement! A superb brand, who are making great waves at the moment

Read more about T+A                                                   13th October 2017                               29th September 2017

Tellurium Q Black II Speaker Cable @ Audio TherapyHi-Fi Pig Reviews the Tellurium Q Black II Speaker Cable

The guys over at Hi-Fi Pig recently reviewed the fantastic Black II Speaker Cable from Tellurium Q and gave it a glowing review, they did a side by side comparison with the original Black and we suitably impressed with the improvements that were made.

Available to buy in our eBay shop now

Read more on the Tellurium Q Black II                                  29th September 2017                                                 29th September 2017


Entreq Olympus Ten Ground Box @ Audio Therapy

Olympus just got made tiny!

Entreq have just launched the Olympus Ten, the smallest ground box in the flagship Olympus line. Priced at £1100 it is the same physical size as the popular Silver Minimus, but with much greater capacity. On demonstration now!      



Read More on the Entreq Olympus Ten                                                         2nd September 2017

The Dog’s Blocks!

The flagship power block from Musicworks, the ReFlex Ultra G3 is now on demonstration. Priced at £990.00, you just need to add a power cable of your choice and you’re good to go. Replace your trailing mains extension with one of these and you will instantly get a huge upgrade in musical communication and coherence. With non-metal fixings and vibration isolation built into the block it really is incredibly effective

The ReVive Lite 2 Power Cable is also on demo now.


Read More on Musicworks                                                                                         14th August 2017

Melco have just released firmware update V3.50 and it has added what a lot of people have been waiting for, Tidal and Qobuz integration!

Tidal and Qobuz can be controlled via Linn Kazoo, Lumin and Bubble UPnP, you simply need to enter your relevant username and password and you are good to go!

You can also use your CD ripper as a transport if you want to go all quaint and actually spin a CD!


Read More on Tidal Integration                                                                                4th August 2017

There’s been a lot of noise on the Internet about the mk2 versions of the Melco servers, my demo model of the N1ZH/2 is now sitting in pride of place in the demonstration room, sounding significantly better than the outgoing model, the models in the new range are clearly the ones to beat. If you are after a serious streaming source/server look no further.

With V3.50 integrating Tidal and Qobuz streaming, the Melco feature set just keeps getting stronger and stronger.


Read More on the Melco N1ZH/2                                                                  1st August 2017                             1st June 2017

There is obviously a lot of information on my website about grounding your hi-fi, the various Entreq pages go into this in quite a lot of detail, but one thing I have not really gone into is what happens when you ground a home cinema system.

When you consider the profound improvements you get when you ground a 2 channel hi-fi system I had often wondered what would happen if I grounded my AV system.



Read More on grounding your AV system                                                                                     1st August 2017

I have very recently taken delivery of the first batch of Atlantis Ground Cables for demonstration. I didn’t want to change all of them in my demo system in one go, I’d much prefer do it one at a time over an extended period so I can really hear what they are doing in the system.

If you already own a ground box with a variety of ground cables, do yourself a favour and try an Atlantis, it really is something special and will unlock even more out of whatever you connect it to!



Read More on Atlantis Ground Cables                                                                           1st August 2017