Entreq Ertha Konstantin 3.5mm Ground Cable

Entreq Konstantin 3.5mm Ground Cable @ Audio TherapyWe have a small quantity of brand new Entreq Ertha Konstantin 3.5mm Ground Cables available.

They are brand new, normally £130.00, now reduced to £95.00 with Free UK P&P

These ground cables have a specific role – to connect to an Entreq Interconnect (Analogue, Digital or USB), Entreq Speaker Cable or selected Entreq Power Cables using the 3.5mm plug and connecting to an Entreq Ground Box at the spade end (ground box not included!)

If you have an analogue interconnect or loudspeaker cables you will require a pair of these, one for left channel, one for right channel.

If you have Entreq signal cables that not are not connected to a ground box you are only hearing half the story (if that!) of what Entreq cables can do!

If you have Copper 3.5mm ground cables, the Konstantin is a nice upgrade!

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