Entreq Konstantin BNC to BNC Digital Cable (Clock Cable)

We have available 1 ex-demonstration Entreq Konstantin Digital Cable, this is terminated BNC to BNC and was £600.00 when new.

No box is supplied but it will be very well packaged for shipping. Cable is in excellent condition and is in perfect working order.Entreq Konstantin Digital Cable @ Audio TherapyThis cable could be used as a conventional digital cable between a BNC equipped Transport and DAC. Although a more common use for this cable would be as a clock cable between 2 dCS products like a Puccini and U-Clock for example. Even though no audio signal passes through the clock cable the difference they can make on a good system can be quite startling!

To get the best out of this cable it also needs a 3.5mm ground cable and a ground box (neither of which are supplied with this) although we do have some Konstantin 3.5mm cables on offer here.

Entreq Konstantin Digital Cable @ Audio TherapyPlease note: Entreq BNC connections are unlike any others out there in that Entreq manufacture their own plugs and they do not lock and twist like a metal plug. They simply plug in, the end of  the wooden barrel is cut to the right size to allow the cable to securely connect. Having no metal plug is one of the factors which contributes to the cables performance.

This cable is available to buy for £395.00 including UK Postage.

Entreq Konstantin Digital Cable @ Audio Therapy