Exogal Comet Plus DAC

Exogal Comet DAC @ Audio TherapyWe have for sale our demonstration model of the Exogal Comet Plus DAC. As you can see from the images, this in black and comes included with the upgraded power supply. It is supplied in original packaging and comes complete with remote control, power cable, standard power supply (never used), bluetooth aerial and RCA to BNC adapter. A printed user guide is also included.

A new Comet Plus DAC with power supply as pictured is £2950.00 when bought together.

Condition overall is very good, the glass top of the DAC has a few very fine marks but no nasty gouges or scratches.

Perfect working order, latest software is installed

 The Comet Plus is a bit of giant killer DAC, way outperforming its price point. An ideal partner for a Melco Music Library.

In addition to being a DAC, the Comet can also function as a preamplifier and it also features a side mounted headphone socket (see the image below). Connectivity is comprehensive with a neat little surprise in the form of an analogue input – for a phono stage perhaps? Pre-amp functionality can easily be bypassed if it is not required (if you connect to an integrated amp, for example).

Volume control, input switching and alternating between the headphone output and the main outputs can be controlled via the supplied remote or via the Exo-Remote app which operates via Bluetooth.

Exogal Comet DAC @ Audio TherapyThe Comet has both RCA and XLR analogue outputs.

Exogal Comet DAC @ Audio TherapyIn terms of inputs, there is an analogue input, digital inputs are AES x 1, Toslink x 1, SPDIF (BNC) x 1 and USB Type B x 1

Exogal Comet DAC @ Audio TherapyThis Comet Plus is available to buy now for £2100.00 including UK Postage. More info can be found on the Exogal on this page