VTL TL6.5 Signature Pre-amp

VTL TL6.5 Signature Pre-amp @ Audio TherapyWe have for sale our ex-demonstration VTL TL6.5 Signature Preamplifier.

This is black and supplied in original packaging with remote control and a UK power cable. It has just had a brand new set of valves fitted and is good to go!

The was manufactured in October 2015 and comes supplied with a 2 year warranty (warranty does not cover the valves!)

The physical condition is excellent, there are no major, marks, bumps or scrapes. You can see it has been used if you look carefully but nothing wrong at all!

VTL TL6.5 Signature Pre-amp @ Audio Therapy VTL TL6.5 Signature Pre-amp @ Audio Therapy

VTL TL6.5 Signature Pre-amp @ Audio TherapyAnyone familiar with VTL will know that the TL6.5 is a majestic pre-amp, it’s a monumental step up in performance and musicality over its baby brother the 5.5. In reality the TL6.5 shares much more in common with the flagship 7.5 than it does with the 5.5. I can’t recall doing a demonstration of a 6.5 that hasn’t resulted in someone being blown away and subsequently buying one.  Compared to the 5.5 (and pretty much any other preamp out there) you simply get more music, more dynamics, more transparency, more expression. It is utterly neutral and calm in its presentation. The incredible dynamics extend further at both ranges of the spectrum without ever being aggressive at the top, bass notes dig low, remain controlled and clean and deliver real texture.

A new TL6.5 is priced at £15,750. This model is priced at £9995.00 so there is a pretty impressive saving on offer here. I have not put click to buy on here but I can accept payment via bank transfer, cash on collection or credit card. Delivery/installation can be arranged, depending on location there may be a cost to this, but delivery/installation is included if you are local to me.

Any questions please get in touch.