Entreq Infinity Apollo Ground Cable

Entreq Apollo Infinity Ground Cable @ Audio Therapy

The Apollo Infinity Ground Cable is £600.00 and is available with RCA/XLR/USB/RJ45 or 5 Pin Din termination for conventional Ground Cables

An Apollo Infinity ‘Spade to Spade’ or ‘3.5m to Spade’ ground cable is available as well.

As you can see there is a bit of jump in terms of cost between Challenger and Apollo and for good reason, there is a massive jump in performance. The Apollo is the second from top of the range ground cable and it is by far and away the most popular in terms of numbers sold. I would estimate for every 10 ground cables I sell (whatever the application) 8 or 9 of them are Apollo.

The best word to describe what the Apollo does is transparency, plain and simple. It toes the line of neutrality, but lifts a huge veil over music you thought you knew really well. The often used words texture and air spring to mind as well.

Using Apollo ground cables with Silver Minimus through to the Poseidon and beyond is a brilliant combination. The Olympus Ten coupled with an Apollo ground cable is fast becoming a favourite combination!

Standard cable length is 1.65m, longer lengths are available upon request as a special order.

Most standard lengths are shipped within 48 hours, depending on the termination required lead time maybe longer. If you have any questions please send us an email

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