Entreq Infinity Atlantis Ground Cable

Atlantis Ground Cables @ Audio TherapyThe Atlantis Infinity Ground Cable is £1300.00 and is available with RCA/XLR/USB/RJ45 or 5 Pin Din termination for conventional Ground Cables

An Atlantis Infinity ‘Spade to Spade’ or ‘3.5m to Spade’ ground cable is available as well

The Atlantis Infinity Ground Cable offers a revelatory level of performance. If you connect 3 of these to a Poseidon for example it delivers so much performance to your system you would almost think it not possible you are listening to the same system! As I mentioned with the Poseidon, I would not recommend listening to Atlantis ground cables unless you are ready to buy them, they’re that good!

The first time I heard Atlantis ground cable in my own demo system (which I obviously know inside out) the improvement to the levels of micro-detail and expression were incredible; customers are slowing listening to them and every time Apollos keep coming back in part exchange!

Standard cable length is 1.65m, longer lengths are available upon request as a special order.

Most standard lengths are shipped within 48 hours, depending on the termination required lead time maybe longer. If you have any questions please send us an email

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