Entreq Infinity Challenger Ground Cable

Entreq Challenger Ground Cable

The Challenger Infinity Ground Cable is £400.00 and is available with RCA/XLR/USB/RJ45 or 5 Pin Din termination for conventional Ground Cables

A Challenger Infinity ‘Spade to Spade’ or ‘3.5m to Spade’ ground cable is available as well.

This is where things start to get interesting and performance jumps up a notch or so! The Challenger is a “hybrid” cable in the senses is contains both copper and silver in its make up. It is more detailed and musical than both Copper and Konstantin, but is ultimately neutral in its presentation. After the Apollo ground cable, the Challenger is the most popular ground cable as it is really well balanced and offers good value.

Available now with Free UK P&P

Standard cable length is 1.65m, longer lengths are available upon request as a special order.

Most standard lengths are shipped within 48 hours, depending on the termination required lead time maybe longer. If you have any questions please send us an email

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