Entreq K2

Entreq K2 Binding Post @ Audio Therapy

The standard binding posts on the back of any of the Ground Boxes are simply wooden posts that hold the cable tightly in place, they offer no sonic purpose.

The K2 replace these standard wooden posts but offer a substantial sonic upgrade as they contain a mineral mixture similar to that used in the Olympus Tellus (just on a smaller scale).

The K2 uses 2 different minerals

All you need to do is connect the post to your ground box and sit back and listen! As with anything related to grounding the results are usually not instantaneous but they certainly don’t take long before people realise what they are doing to the sound.

The K2 posts are best connected to ground boxes in system where the presentation is upfront and dynamic, the addition of a single or multiple K2’s smooths off the rough edges of system, without masking or sacrificing dynamics or detail.

Replace the standard wooden post on a basic Minimus and the performance will exceed a Silver Minimus. Likewise, put an Everest on a Silver Minimus and you’ll get a sizeable jump in performance. Do the same on a Silver Tellus and you are approaching Poseidon territory. Swap a post out on a Poseidon and well I’m sure you get the picture.

The K2 is a genuinely great upgrade for the money!

If you have any questions about the K2 please send us an email

Priced at £170.00 each with Free UK P&P