Entreq Primer Pro USB Cable

Entreq Primer Pro USB Cable @ Audio TherapyThe Entreq Primer Pro is the new USB cable from Entreq’s entry level range of cables. Priced at just £400.00 for a 1.1 metre cable, the price includes a 0.55 metre ground cable and a small ground box, so it’s a complete package and at a new price point for an Entreq signal cable package!

Performance for the money is utterly insane.

Taking an un-shielded cable with the unwanted noise and pollutants being sent to the ground box clearly takes performance to another level. It really allows the cable to breath.

Entreq Primer Pro USB Cable @ Audio Therapy

I have a USB cable from a well known overseas cable brand which is almost 3 x the price of the Primer Pro. There is no comparison between the 2 cables, the Entreq is more musical, more engaging, cleaner sounding – this cable seriously deserves a place at the table with the big boys. The other cable I tried sounded good in isolation, but after spending some time with the Primer Pro it made this other cable sound a bit congested and heavy in the mid-band.

If you have an Melco N1A and a sensible USB DAC or a Mac Mini or suchlike this USB cable will make a tremendous upgrade. It sounds typically Entreq, endlessly detailed, yet natural and organic in its presentation.

Available now!