Musicwork Revive ‘Lite’ 2 Power Cable

Musicworks Revive Lite 2 IEC Power Cable @ Audio Therapy

The ReVive Lite 2 is basically the baby brother of the ReVive, using the same mains plug, but a different IEC plug. This cable is a match made in heaven to go with the ReFlex Lite power block; the block works wonderfully well with a standard power cable, but things really start to boogie when you add on one of these to the block. The timing and rhythm of a system dramatically jumps forward, it makes music simply sound more real.

The cable also works really well with Naim, you get fairly substantial improvements in performance when used on a Nait 5 (all versions to be honest) and the Naim XS as well. Likewise on the CD players and Uniti products.

The ReVive Lite 2 priced at £400.00 each and the cable is 1.8m long.

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