Musicworks Revive IEC Power Cable

Musicworks Revive IEC Power Cable @ Audio Therapy

This is the flagship Musicworks power cable and is highly tuned and cryogenically treated. It features the brilliant Furutech F150 Rhodium plated IEC plug and the latest UK spec Rhodium plated wall plug. Particular attention has been paid to a low imedance earth path. The results of this are quite something. In most instances a short demonstration is all that is required, but live with this cable for an extended home audition and its merits really shine through.

Basslines become tighter, allowing the sound to breath with greater air and space. Dynamic range increases and listening at lower levels (which lots of people have to do, especically late at night) when using this cable will enable you to retain real system dynamics, something which lots of systems struggle with.

If you value your system’s ability to be musical (which isn’t the same as playing music!) this cable should definitely be on your shortlist!

The ReVive IEC is priced at £750.00 with free UK Shipping

If you have any questions about this item please send us an email