Stillpoints Ultra SS – Pack of 3

Stillpoints Ultra SS @ Audio Therapy

The Ultra SS is incredibly popular and for good reason! They can genuinely transform the presentation of pretty much anything you put them under. The Ultra SS contains 4 technology pockets making it a lot more effective at transferring unwanted energy than the Ultra Mini. It does the same thing from a sonic point of view, it’s just what it does is more pronounced.

They work really well under most electronics and loudspeakers (unless they are exceptionally heavy which is where Ultra 5 & 6 become relevant), with the correct threaded adapters the Ultra SS fits where the spike would normally attach, the top hat can be loosened and adjusted for levelling purposes. There’s a knack for getting the decoupling just right and once correctly fitted and levelled the effect can be truly devastating!

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Priced at £660.00 for a 3 pack