T+A Coming Soon to Audio Therapy

I am delighted to announce that we are becoming T+A dealers!

T+A @ Audio Therapy

To those who don’t know T+A are a German brand, and a pretty big brand at that. They have a fairly extensive range of cutting edge products, including compact all in one streaming receivers at just over £2300.00 to an integrated amplifier costing almost £15,000.

Performance is superb, it adds something completely different sonically to the Audio Therapy portfolio. Fantastic dynamics and clarity, loads of drive and attack, but it never sounds clinical or aggressive in nature.

Did I mention bass? This is one aspect where T+A scores massively over other brands, it’s not overblown, fat, ponderous or one-note, no, it’s quite the opposite. It’s deep, extensive with loads of texture and control. If you’re a bass fiend you owe it to yourself to have a listen to something.

Some superb source components that integrate CD playback, UPnP streaming, radio and online music services like Tidal, Qobuz and Deezer (the proper uncompressed services!).

T+A R1000 E Multi-Source Receiver @ Audio Therapy

The DAC 8 DSD is one particular product I expect to do well here at Audio Therapy, with DSD512 upsampling it offers tremendous resolution and insight, integrates beautifully with Melco, but if you use a PC or Mac to playback your music the DAC 8 is brilliant choice. It has a proper volume control built into as well so it drive a power amp directly (like the matching AMP 8) if required.

The build quality of T+A is utterly phenomenal, from entry level to flagship, it oozes quality and attention to detail. How about an integrated amp for a back breaking 38kg?! Compared to other brands, some of which are UK based and cost a lot more money the T+A puts them to shame if truth be told. They have left no stone unturned in their quest to produce their range and you can see that when you get a product in front of you. Then you listen and it gets even better!

T+A Build Quality @ Audio Therapy

Check out the T+A brand page, more content will be rolled out slowly – the range is too extensive to take everything, so what appears is what I’ll have to hand, but don’t worry if you want to have a demonstration of something else – I’m sure it can be organised!